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Shoshana Lerman (89) was the wireless transmitter in the basement of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem during the siege. Every hour on the hour she would share the news and get the orders from Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion and Sharett. On May 13th, 1948, she received the last transmission of the Gush Etzion block before the massacre. The next day on May 14th she received the first 'langue claire' message, a message which was not coded, unlike all the others she had received before, she heard the declaration of Independence as first one in Jerusalem.
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Today I am transcribing the interviews of Israel and Shoshana Lerman, both 89 and married for 65 years.They met in the Palmach and he was in love with her from the first moment, but it took her a bit longer... in between them there was the war, the prison, the Technion for me the university for her... until one day, we saw each other on the street of Jerusalem and then it was set! He defended the old city but was after the fall of Jerusalem sent to a Jordanian camp in the desert as a prisoner of war. She was a radio girl, who worked in the building of the Jewish Agency. She was the last person to have a radio signal and contact with Gush Etzion before the massacre.
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Meet Betti Levine, born in Estonia in 1920. As a kid she moved to New York and in 1947 as a young bride came to Israel, but her arrival stirred some commotion amongst the British: "We got to the Haifa port and the British came along and they wanted to see my husband. I thought it was because he was a journalist and they didn’t want him here. All of a sudden there are soldiers coming around us with guns. And they ask my husband: 'Are these your packages?' My husband said I don’t know, because the Sabatini brothers (moving company) came to our house, took our things and they used American surplus packaging to pack them in. So he looked and saw our name on them. Then he saw and realised what was written on the boxes: fuzes, bombs and detonators. Because the moving company had used American surplus packaging. The officer told him, still at gunpoint, to open the boxes. So my husband opens the box and you see, books, blankets, dishes... Ooohhh that officer was angry, he yelled 'some joke!' and they left... Here a picture taken by Marlin Levin, Betti's husband of the crates. Marlin took the only coloured pictures from that time. Including from the Jerusalem siege and the first YomHaAtzmaut.
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SHANA TOVA! For this first day of 5778, THE YOUTH OF 1948 is sharing the amazing and ONLY COLOUR pictures of the Jerusalem (siege) 1948 taken by Marlin Levin. We interviewed his lovely widow Betti Levin who is a firecracker herself at 97! Help us celebrate the generation of 1948! Www.jewcer.org/project/theyouthof1948project/ ... See MoreSee Less

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Calling and texting all of my 70 The Youth of 1948 Project - Documentary interviewees made my ears burn, but my heart glow! Wishing you all a great year in good health and high spirits! Shana Tova to you all... ... See MoreSee Less

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THE YOUTH OF 1948 who built the State of Israel

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Noémi Schlosser is a Belgian playwright, director. She graduated under world renowned Tony award winning director Ivo van Hove at the Conservatory of Antwerp in 2001. In 2004 she started her theatre company Salomee Speelt with shows on 4 continents and in 5 languages. Her shows are inspired by modern (often Jewish related) history based on research. In 2013 she joined the Ministry of Operatic Affairs with whom she created 5 operas the past few years. Noémi is on the board of the Alliance for American Jewish Theatre, a representative of the League of Professional Women in the Theatre, Schusterman Foundation and a ROI Community member. She will make Aliyah in 2017.




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