Anya Engel- Shemkevitch

Born in Lodz, Poland on May 29, 1925

Anya survived the ghetto of Lodz, Auschwitz and arrived in Israel in 1947. Because she hated being a hairdresser she joined the Haganah. “There was no real Haganah base or headquarters in Tel Aviv. So they emptied the hotels on HaYarkon, (where the prostitutes used to have their rooms), so we, the telephonist had a place to live. Sometimes at night when we were on duty but nothing happened, we used to call around for fun and talk with people from the fire brigade, the post office, those who were also on duty somewhere… I spoke with a post office guy a couple of times and after a while he asked me for a date. We went out and met up in a cafe with other friends of the post office. I realised that he was not for me. But the next day he calls me back and told me that actually one of his friends had seen me and wanted to get to know me… So again a few days later I went to have ice cream with the other post office man. We have eaten a lot of ice cream together since!!”

Anya Engel





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