Danny Alexandrowitcz

Born in Tel Aviv on August 8th, 1943

His great great grandfather built the first 40 houses in Neve Tzedek, which would become Tel Aviv, his grandfather was major of TLV (for only three weeks, politics, politics between Ashkenaz and Sephardi). But here about him! As a little boy his best friend was Benny. Both grew up on Rosenbaum street. Benny’s father, let’s call him Mr K. gave Danny an apple “An apple! An apple! that was pretty incredible and expensive! You don’t realize!” Anyhow he came home with his apple and his mother asked him where he got this very rare fruit. He answered from Mr K. His mother snatched the apple from his hands and threw it away and told him NEVER to go back to Mr K. (which he did anyhow behind her back) Now Mr K. was a false name… because Mr K was on the top 10 list of most wanted people in the British Empire -where the sun never sets- £5000 on his head, alive or dead… Mr K, was the Leader of the Irgun… Mr Menachem Begin, later 6th Prime Minister of Israel.

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