Shalom, my name is Noémi Schlosser and I am currently interviewing ‘THE YOUTH OF 1948’ who built the State of Israel. To create this documentary, I have been travelling with my film camera across the country to talk to these men and women who were part of the Hagana, the Palmach or the Lechi, who survived the siege of Jerusalem or were working the land as kibbutsnikim. Some of them you will recognize, as they are famous, while others could be everybody’s safta or saba.
I started the interviews in November 2016 and I will go on as long as I find people to interview (and as long as this project receives donations to do so) as all film footage will be donated to the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem for archival purposes.
This documentary has high and unique historical value and needs to be recorded as we speak! Time is critical as our ‘YOUTH OF 1948’ are all well into their eighties and nineties now, some are over 100 years old! With every interview I record, I feel this sense of urgency.
The most personal, impressive, unique, historical, whimsical, curious, happy, strange, sad and hopeful stories will find a place in the 90 minute long English speaking (and subtitled)’THE YOUTH OF 1948′ DOCUMENTARY. With you as producers, we will open on Yom HaAtzmaut 2018, on April 19th For exactly 70 years of Independence.

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