Welcome! We are excited that you want to share your story with THE YOUTH OF 1948 PROJECT!

Write us a mail Youthof1948Project@gmail.com with your name, birth date, where you were born and when you made Aliyah ( if relevant).

Tell us short or long version a little about yourself or the person to be interviewed.

Let us know what languages you speak.

Let us know where you live (address) and a phone number.

Best is to include also a name and number of a family member so we are sure to stay in touch!

You can have a family member join us during the interview.

If the interview has to happen in Hebrew, we encourage a family member to join to help translate during the interview.

Noémi Schlosser will call you and schedule an interview according to the most convenient time for all parties!

Noémi will come (usually ) alone to your home, with her film material.

An interview can take between 2-4 hours (including set up) during daytime as all is filmed with natural light.

She will also bring a release form, one for you and one for her to be signed by both. This is a contract between you and THE YOUTH OF 1948 PROJECT. You can choose at that moment what you want and don’t want ( use your name, don’t use your name, be photographed for the exhibit, use the material for the documentary, give a copy of the interview to the National Library in Jerusalem…)

Each interviewee will receive for him/her and their family a copy of the full interview once the first documentary is finished. We hope to be able to deliver them all by December 2017!


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