Yocheved Moshe

Photograph is a still taken out of the interview by Noémi Schlosser.

Born in Tel Aviv on June 16, 1925

ADD MOVIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJuqP36-g2c&t=28s

Yocheved was born between the orange groves of South Tel Aviv, while her parents came on the back of mules from Azerbaijan. Her father first left for Chicago to work in the meat packing industry and came back with enough money to sustain his growing family. On 29 November 1947 at the very same moments as the UN declaration Yocheved was about to give birth to a little baby. The doctors while giving her the anaesthetic were joking, that she also had to count (everyone else in Israel was counting at that time as well… they were counting the votes of each country at Lake Success to see if there would be a Jewish State or not) and she had to count and fall asleep for the procedure. The next day her husband came to visit her. He asked “ Do you know we have a country?” and she answered “Do you know we have a daughter?”.

It took 8 more days for Yocheved and the little baby girl to leave the hospital and go home, Jerusalem was a war zone with Arabs shooting on everything moving.

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